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Things You Need to Consider When Playing Flop in Poker

So you made it to the flop finally, but you are not so sure how to play from here. So here Poker Indian Group that offers latest poker news India brings a good strategy for playing the flop.

There are no such rules that will help you make the best decision like there were in the pre-flop. So allow us to help you make the best possible plays when the hand starts to open on the flop.

Evaluate the situation on the flop

When the flop comes down, the first thing you need to do is evaluate every aspect of the hand and consider the strength of your cards. It means that you will need to ask some questions to yourself like:

  • How strong is your hand?
  • Do you have a draw?

You should consider other factors as well to help you make more informed decision.

  • Compare your size of the stack with your opponents’
  • The position in the hand. Remember, the latter your position, the better
  • How the flop could have helped other players in the hand

All these things might seem like a lot of stuff to think about for one decision. But trust me, this really helps you to make the most profitable play possible. In poker, the flop is where the pot starts to get built up. So, obviously you don’t want to make a bad decision and get caught up in a hand that will eventually make you lose a lot of cash.

The more thought you will put to make a decision on the flop, the easier the rest of the hand will become to play. Let’s take an instance. You have a decent hand like A (c), J (h) on a flop of A (d), T (s), 4 (h)- giving the top pair. But this can also easily spell trouble in many situations. If you neglect the fact that you are first to act and your opponent raised before the flop and have a big stack for good measure. Then you may need up losing a large amount of cash. It is little unfortunate, but for experienced players, a loss like this can be avoided.

In another instance like A (c), J (h) is a great hand to play with. But this shows how thinking out of the box and not looking at your own cards helps you to get out of tricky situations.

Think about the future of the hand

The best way to make a decision on the flop is to think about what you can do on future betting rounds, depending on which cards came on the turn and river.

  • Do you have the idea of what you will do on the turn?
  • Does it seem like you could make a profitable play on the turn?

It’s too easy to make your play based on the situation on the flop, without considering what could happen further in the game. Just to make sure that you don’t land yourself in an unprofitable and sticky situation, you need to think before the play what you are going to make on the flop.

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