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5 Signs That You Are Not a Good Poker Player

Are you losing your cash constantly at the poker table? Are you blaming your luck for those downswings? If you answered yes, chances that you are not a good player. We all have dreams of entering a poker tournament and coming out like a boss. But the truth is far from reality. If you are an avid poker player and you need a sign, you need to read this blog right now. Poker Indian Group offers high stakes poker news and interesting blogs for all poker lovers. So, here are 5 signs that you are not a good player.

  1. Play Too Many Hands

The biggest mistakes novice players make is they play too many hands. Too weak Aces, Queens, Jacks or Kings, too many double gap connectors and many suited garbage hands lead to hand situations on the flop, turn and river. You will find bleeding chips and constantly folding to post flop bets. Even worse you will get a lot of cash when you are totally dominated. Try to play only premium hands.  It isn’t as exciting to sit out hand after hand.

  1. Bluff Too Much

Many players think that to be good at poker, you need to be good at bluffing. But it isn’t true. There is something inherently satisfying about pulling off some monster bluffs, there is an equal chance it can fail spectacularly-costing a ton of your earned chips. Don’t forget, your opponent has to be able to put you on a good hand for the bluff to work.

  1. Play Outside of Your Bankroll

Don’t be embarrassed playing small stakes. Poker is not a game of earning respect, it’s all about earning cash. The key to win the poker is to find a game in which you have an edge and where you don’t have to risk a hug portion of your bankroll. All it takes is just an unlucky hand or single mislead and you are finished as a joke.

  1. You Play Scared

Many players are just so afraid of losing big pots that they just avoid playing anything but the nuts. Even they often fold made hands as they are afraid they will get sucked out. You have to face your fears of losing pots and play a little bit of courage. It gets easier, the more you play.

  1. Calling Station

There is nothing more agonizing to a poker player than making a call when they know they are beaten and then the opponent does indeed flip over the winning hand. No matter the best is small or not. If you think you are done, throw away the hand. Over time, these small bets will take bites out of your big bankroll, even before you could know that you have nothing left.

If your game has been suffering, it smiley means you need a few tweaks. Hopefully, these tips will revamp your game. Follow Poker Indian Group to get global poker news.

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